Locked Out of Home Service Prices

The prices below apply only to the simplest locks,

which are the most common and low security locks.

(Classification of locks, grade 1- 3, Grade 1 and low 3)

For your information - the simplest locks, and locks with additional protection against burglary, are basically very similar in appearance and shape, this leads people who do not have technical locksmith knowledge into confusion, why there are such different prices, although in your opinion this lock is the most common.


Pick Simple lock 

( Grade 3 )


  • Deadbolt Lock $85

  • Knob Lock $85

  • Lever Lock $85

Breaking pick resistant locks ( Grade 2 )

  • $120

Hack High Security

Lock ( Grade 1 )

Only after locksmith check the lock, can the price be determined.

For your information!
Prices shown apply to:
Only on working days and hours from 8 am - 5 pm.
Holidays and After-working hours other rates.