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  OUR locksmith services.


You have lost your keys, but do not want to replace the locks? Do you want to have one key to open several locks? I can replace your hardware without having to change the locks. Call 1-754-971-4552 for more information about services.


Apartment lockout services.


Blocked the keys in your apartment and could not get the entrance to your house? Lost the keys to the apartment and do not know what to do? Call me. I'll be a swami in 15 minutes. Call 1-754-971-4552for more information about my apartment localization services.


Service lock at home.


I understand how difficult it is to leave your home. For this reason, ASHER’S LOCKSMITH offers first-class emergency home locking for customers. If you are locked out of your home, I can be with you for 15 minutes, regardless of the time of day or night. Professionals will gain access to your property and restore your home, giving you peace of mind in the shortest possible time. Call 1-754-971-4552 for more information about my lock services.


Office locks.


Time is money, so being blocked out of your commercial premises is not only disappointing but can cost you a business. I can be with you for 15 minutes, which will allow you and your employees to return to work without delay. As a specialist, I can advise you on the restoration of your office premises so that you can be sure that your business is properly protected. Call 1-754-971-4552 for more information about my commercial services.


Auto lockout.


Being locked out of your car can be a daunting experience, especially if you are far from home. If you are in the Miami and Broward area, I can be with you for 15 minutes, 24 hours a day. I use specialized equipment that allows you to access your vehicle with minimal damage. Whatever your needs, I am here for you. Our safety and security is our priority. Call 1-754-971-4552 for more information about our car lockout services.


Change locks.


Do your locks make it difficult for you to lock and unlock the door? Your locks are outdated and need to be updated? Call me at 1-754-971-4552 to find out more about how I can replace your equipment to improve the physical security of your property.


High security locks.


If your property is unsafe, you are vulnerable to theft. High-security locks, such as latches and bolts, can provide protection, since the cylinders are designed to ensure their resistance to drilling. Thieves are smart, don't make their job easy. Call 1-754-971-4552 for more information on updating your security with our high-performance, high-security locks.


The system of basic keys.


ASHER’S LOCKSMITH specializes in providing high-quality security for all types of commercial and residential real estate. We can design, supply and install key systems specifically designed to meet your needs. The master key system offers you the opportunity to open all doors with just one key. This provides quick access to all the rooms in the room, which makes life easier for security staff or security guards and can save lives in an emergency. Call us today at 1-754-971-4552 to find out how we can help.


Problems with blocking on your mailbox?

Can't get into your inbox? Losing or damaging your lock or key can be frustrating. Let a professional locksmith help. I can replace your lock in a few minutes. Call me at 1-754-971-4552 to find out how I can help.


Problems opening doors in the bedroom?

Can't open or close the bedroom door or replace keys? We offer a wide range of services for doors that facilitate your life, from installing new locks to repairing or upgrading old ones. I am an expert can answer all your questions about the best equipment suitable for your home. I have a wide range of products to suit your style and budget. Call me at 1-754-971-4552 to find out how I can help.


Need to fix the lock?


Locks come in different shapes and sizes. Thanks to the wide range of products on the market today, there are many ways to protect your home. From bolts and cylinders to systems with a high degree of security, using the most modern technologies, I am trained to eliminate any problems you may encounter with your locks. Is the front door tight and difficult to unlock? Do you want to update your security? Did you break the key in your door? Regardless of your problem, I can fix it. Call 1-754-971-4552 to find out how I can help you fix your lock.


Need to cut the lock?


Lost your bike key and couldn't cut the lock? Did you forget the combination for the lock on your garage? Did your lock get too rusty to open the key? I am professionally equipped with a number of specialized tools: from bolt cutters to angle grinders to safely cut through any lock. Call 1-754-971-4552 to learn more about my cutting services.